“I studied from Sir for two years (2003 – 2005) and got AIR 11 in JEE 2005. Each class with Sir seems now to me like a gradual transformation from an ordinary student who did not even dream of getting into IIT, to an extremely confident and successful IITian. It is just redundant to describe here Sir’s teaching style, because there is no aspect in which he lacks, and anyone who has studied from him, will easily claim that no one can even dream to compete with him.

The most wonderful thing about Sir is the excellent combination of intelligence and hardworking nature in him. I will wonder all my life how Sir can manage to do so much more than any other teacher in those two years – the most elaborate study that I have ever done, and the most fruitful too. I would add here that the only loss I supposedly incurred due to studying from Chauhan Sir is that he raised my expectations from a teacher too high, and no one else can even come near to meeting those. I consider Chauhan Sir as a gift to me from God, who made me experience what ‘real knowledge’ is.”


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