Physics is one of the most fundamental subjects of natural science which helps us understand why the universe behaves the way it does. In Physics, one studies matter (and its fundamental constituents like electrons, protons, neutrons), motion and behaviour of matter through space and time, and the related concepts of force and energy. A scientist who specializes in the field of Physics is called a Physicist.

Physics is very vast and fascinating, and is like the mother of engineering and technology. However, given how advanced the human race has become, the level at which we study Physics in modern times requires a very good knowledge of Mathematics, mainly algebra, geometry, coordinate geometry, trigonometry and calculus. It is not possible to become good at Physics without a strong mathematics base. So, a student aspiring to master Physics should always remember two things that are absolutely required: (1) a good understanding of Math, and (2) a mind that is really curious to understand the Natural Laws (of Physics), and how they run things in the world around us.

Arvind Chauhan (B. Tech., IIT-Kanpur, India; MBA, Canada; MSc, England) is an Aerospace Engineer, Entrepreneur & Educator – primarily teaching Physics and Applied Calculus for JEE Mains & Advanced, AIIMS and other college entrance exams since 1993.

Prof. Chauhan has taught thousands of students, both online and offline in physical classrooms, who are now successful engineers, scientists, doctors and even co-founders of some highly valued unicorns!

He has given 14 All India top 10 Ranks, in IIT-JEE Advanced. His best result was in 2006 when his students bagged All India JEE Advanced Ranks 1, 4, 6 & 7 in general category, from the same offline classroom batch in Chandigarh – a feat no other individual subject teacher has been able to beat!