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“I studied Physics from Chauhan Sir from April 2004 to April 2006. It was an invigorating 2-years, first in Zirakpur and then at Mani Majra, Chandigarh. I still remember in my first year I used to pester sir with questions from topics which had not yet been covered and he always patiently answered, even if it meant an hour and a half extra after the class. The diagrams he drew with his “long scale with handle” are still an object of admiration. And whatever the result might have been, he was an inspiration as a person – with a guiding central philosophy – from which he never ever budged an inch. He has all the ingredients of a perfect freshman physics teacher, because he shows you the physics at work – beyond the mathematical artwork. And his detours to spiritualism, and aerodynamics and automobiles were always welcome in the middle of a dull topic.

Teaching or learning physics is a different matter, being passionate about it is another. Einstein could never be Einstein, or Newton ‘Newton’, if they did not LOVE WHAT THEY DO. And that’s what sir does, he does what he loves. And when love and skill combine, expect a masterpiece.”

MIT, PhD STANFORD | Gold Medal, International Physics Olympiad

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