Kashish Mittal

“I studied from Sir during April 2004 to April 2006. I can remember my first three classes with Chauhan Sir. It was supposed to be a trial session for the admission test. I surely admit that I was unsure that Sir would continue to teach (in the regular class) in such an elaborate way – attractive diagrams – discussions – such a beautiful introduction to limits – taking huge amount of time to cover each and every aspect of a problem – taking elegant theory building problems …And when the regular classes started, my ‘unsurity’ became a truth (to my surprise) – the teaching became even more beautiful and interesting!! His ability to put himself in the shoes of the student is ‘what is the best in him’. Sir even taught us some things beyond the JEE which elevated our confidence. Thank you sir for all that you have given to me.”

Kashish Mittal IIT-JEE 2006, All India Rank 4

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